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Silesia Film Commission-en

About us

With us you will make “Inception”, “Brave Heart”, “Titanic”, or even landing on the moon. We will show you the locations in our region, the extras, and the props for any film you would like. We will provide you with any contact. And we will do it at once.

We help to make films. We make sure that the filmmakers’ work goes smoothly and without any interference. We are able to master the organization of all the things you need to produce a film.

We put in your hands the location and production, and even the administrative  resources of the entire Silesia region. We provide you with all necessary information and we painlessly conduct you through the procedures.

We look for locations, and care for most specific details. We cooperate with every official which makes us act quickly and effectively. Our contacts cover12 333,09 km2 and reach 320 m deep in the ground.

We keep an index and provide database of companies in the audiovisual sector, as well as film industry specialists operating in the Silesia region. There is no prop, location or person beyond our reach – we use the resources, knowledge and skills of 4,62 million people living in the region.

As a part of the SILESIA FILM Film Institute, we have its experience and contacts standing behind us. Silesia Film is a public cultural institution, which operates in the Silesia region since 1945. We hold in our hands the Silesia Film Fund, by which we co-finance the film we co-produce.

Working with us, you get the key which unlocks every door and paves the way to film production in the region. You are welcome! We are the one.