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Załęże Katowice



Located in Upper Silesia region, is has been the district of Katowice since 1924. It runs along the Gliwicka street, 1 km away from the market square all the way to Chorzów’s boarder.  Situated in the north-west part of the city, one of the oldest but also the poorest districts of the city. The total area of 3,39 km2 is inhabited by about 12 000 people.


The district heyday was at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Typical Silesian buildings. The tenements and historic but squalid buildings (so called familoki) predominate the district.


There can be found:

– one of the biggest leisure centers in Katowice – Punkt 44 – it houses, among others, a cinema, a bar and the bowling alleys

– closed Baildon Steelworks

– Neo-Gothic St Josephs’ Church

– neoclassical palace and park located around the Józef Londzin square

– Załęże Park


Silesia City Centre, Silesian stadium and railway station are located in close proximity. 

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