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Walerego Wróblewskiego Street


Komórki przy zabudowaniach mieszkalnych


A street located in Katowice, in Bogucice district. It was given its name after the Polish revolutionary and democratic activist from the 19th century. Along the street we can find diverse buildings, starting with old tenement houses and familok houses  with high windows, ending with four and five- floor block of flats built in 1990s. Most buildings have large backyards, where sometimes you can find pigsties serving as coal repositories or equipment stores.


At the street there are numerous monuments:

– historic, necromantic in style cemetery chapel, which belongs to the parish cemetery in Bogucice,

– cemetery complex- the oldest necropolis in Katowice,

– school buildings erected at the beginning of the 20th century,

– cross which dates back to 1865

In the vicinity there are the Hospital of the Brothers Hospitallers of the Guardian Angels Boni Fratres Catoviensis Ltd. and the Primary School No.13.

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