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The underground car park


Parking podziemny w centrum handlowym Katowice


In 1993 by the Tysiąclecie Estate the underground car park has been built in the premises of the 3 Stawy Shopping Centre.


It has a capacity of 1200 vehicles. The supporting pillars are red while the floor is pewter. The parking places are numbered alphabetically. A shopping arcade can be entered through the sliding entrance/exit doors and the escalator.


The total area of the shopping centre amounts to 40 000m2.

It consists of:

– supermarket,

– 60 boutiques and service outlets,

– 9 medium sized spaces inside the shopping centre,

– 9 medium sized spaces outside the shopping centre,

– petrol station.


The artificial light dominates the interiors.

Thanks to its spaciousness the car park makes the perfect film location for the action scenes in various action movies.

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