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The Silesian Opera


Budynek opery


The Municipal Theatre in Bytom was built in 1901. The building,  designed by the Berlin architect Alexander Bohm, was constructed in the neoclassical style. The opening of the Silesian Opera took place in 1945 with the first post-war opera performance in Poland.


We can distinguish following halls in the Silesian Opera:

The Main Stage of the Opera– one of the biggest theatre halls in Silesia.  There are 391 seats and 32 standing places with a background and service (1 stage lighting specialist,  1 acoustics specialist, 2 assemblers, 1 cleaning person, 1 firefighter),

The Adam Didur Concert Hall– there are 200 seats and the adjoining cloakroom,

The lecture hall– there are 100 seats,

The Wiesław Ochman tutorial room– there are 60 seats.


The Opera offers well-equipped stage background, dressing-room, costume repository and make-up equipment. In the building we can mostly find artificial lighting.

Rich interiors, the mixture of splendor and simplicity and lighting make each film shot extraordinary and the Opera thanks to its 19th century architecture will be a perfect place for outdoor shooting.

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