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The show and sports hall “SPODEK”



A symbol of the city located in the centre of Katowice. It was built in 1971 by Silesian builders and designed by the architects: Maciej Gintowt and Maciej Krasiński. Numerous awards for the project made the building the most recognizable spot of the Upper Silesia. The building is in the shape of the flying saucer what resulted from combining the main functions designed for the facility: the entertainment arena and the sports hall.


Its measurements:

– total cubic capacity – 338 732 m3,

– floor surface – 29 473 m2,

– weight of the dome – 300 tons.


Inside the building are found:

sports hall,

entertainment arena,

ice rink,




The artificial light dominates inside the building.

There is a big square frequently used as cultural and sports venue located on the side of the Spodek that faces the roundabout.  The other part of the facility housing the hotel has a parking  available where the film crew can be stationed.

Inside the Spodek recording the Feel and Paktofonika’s music clips as well as filming “You are god” took place.


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