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The Sanctuary of our Lady of Rychwałd



The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Rychwałd is located 6 km north-east of Żywiec in the NawieśnikStreamValley.

A consecration of the church took place in 1756. The 15th century painting of Our Lady by unknown artist is the object of worship and was given to the local parish in 1644.


The temple consists of three naves with a semicircular chancel in the baroque style. Since 1946 the parish has been run by Franciscans.

In the church we can find:

– late baroque wooden main altar integrated into the chancel; it distinguishes itself with beautiful wood-cravings,

– 15th century painting of Our Lady by unknown artist given to the local parish in 1644,

– choir loft,

– tabernacle with the Eucharistic throne in the form of procession float with worshiping angels on both sides.


On the sides of the main altar there are:

– two wooden wardrobes with doors decorated with paintings,

– chancel with four stained glass windows made in 1935,

– two baroque altars made in the regency style [combination of baroque and rococo features],

– pulpit built in the late baroque regency style,

– altar of the Trinity with a painting of the Sacred Heart, built at the beginning of the 19th century,

– Saint Maximilian altar,

– small wooden altars inserted into pillars.


The church is located in the middle of a green scenery, among woods and meadows.

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