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The Presbytery


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St Jadwiga Roman Catholic Parish’s presbytery is located by Wolności Street in Chorzów. It is the one-storey brick building with the Biblical garden surrounding it.

The ground floor accommodates spacious kitchen as well as two big rooms. One of the rooms is equipped with the very old furniture and stained glass windows. The interiors are decorated with the sacral paintings.


The staircase leading up to the first floor is decorated with the ornate rails as well as very effective door. The first floor accommodates big room with the fire place, tables, chairs, old sofa and the chest of drawers. There is also smaller room with the armchairs and the dresser. Despite numerous windows the interiors are dominated by the artificial light.


The presbytery served as the film background in the Marek Cieślinski’s production: “Franz Waxman”.


The auditorium with the stage, two pianos, the tables, the chairs, large windows and the parquet is located 500 meters away, still in the presbytery premises. There is large club-room located by the auditorium.

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