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The Polish Theatre in Bielsko Biała


Duża scena teatralna


An edifice of the Polish Theatre in Bielsko Biała was built in 1890. But it was not until 1945 that it changed its name to the Polish Theatre, which was connected with a political situation in Poland.


The building was designed by the regarded Viennese architect Emil von Förster in eclectic style, which combines elements of the neoclassical and Baroque Revival architecture. Motifs of the characteristic Roman triumphal arch and statues of Apollo and two Muses: Melpomene and Deck were used on the façade.

In the building there are:

– the Big Stage,

– the Small Stage,

– the stage ‘Pod Sceną’,

– café.

The theatre has a stage background, which includes dressing rooms, props and scenography equipment.

Interiors are dominated by a red colour.


The Polish Theatre in Bielsko Biała is located in a very centre of the city in a historic Lower suburb. Behind the building there is a small parking lot for staff and on the side of the street we can find a metered parking zone.

The Polish Theatre reminds the Vienna State Opera and the National Theatre in Budapest, what makes it a perfect background for many historic film productions. 

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