Przejdź do treści

The Palace in Brynek


Wejście do pałacu


The palace and park complex is located in Brynek and covers the area of 40 hectares. Apart from the palace, there are:

botanical garden,

farm buildings,


– and manor outbuilding.

The palace was originally built in 1829 in classicism style. In 1905 it obtained its final look, when, after the change of the owner, it got eclectic as well as baroque features.

Built on the U shaped plan, two storey building has got the terrace and loggia. It also has got two octagonal towers topped with tented roof. The historical interiors of the palace still maintan their over one hundred old character. Inside can be found:

– main hall,

– chapel,

– dining room,

– room with billiard table.


The lecture halls and auditiorium are located on the first floor while the top floor serves as the living area. The green space with trees and bushes surrounds the building.

Currently, the building houses the boarding house of Stanisław Morawki’s Complex  of Forestry and Economic Schools.

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