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The old town of Cieszyn



Beginnings of the Old Town of Cieszyn date back to the end of the 15th century. After a fire of the city in 1789 the old town has been restored and since then it hasn’t changed excessively. Area of the city is 29 kmand the old town itself is a 115×60 m rectangle in shape.

The OldTown is a mixture of different architectural styles: baroque and classical through renaissance to art nouveau.


We can find following monuments in the OldTown:

– Town Hall of Cieszyn,

– National House opened in 1901,

– art nouveau Post Office edifice built in 1911 in place of the 18th century chapel of the Convent of the Sisters of Saint Elizabeth,

– “Pod Brunatnym Jeleniem” hotel,

– well with the statue of St. Florian,

– historic tenement houses.


A majority of the monuments are located in the Polish part of Cieszyn.

We can find charm and beauty of the Polish Cieszyn in the film ‘The Last Love Affair of Mateusz Kłos’.

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