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The museum of the people’s Republic of Poland

Ruda Śląska

Muzeum PRL-u


A Museum of the People’s Republic of Poland was founded in place of the Nowa Ruda Manor built in 1890 by the well-known German family von Ballestrem. After the war, the mansion was acquired by the State Treasury and transformed into a State Agricultural Farm [PGR].

On 4th  June, 2010, on the 21st anniversary of the first democratic election, the Museum of the People’s Republic of Poland opened with the exhibition “Starting from the end…”.


On the premises we can find:

– the Time Capsule- arrangements of apartments (kitchen, living room, hall, dining room),

– the Delight Cinema,

– exhibitions halls,

– motoring models i.e. OSA scooter, Trabant [car produced between 1957 and 1991 in German Democratic Republic], Fiat 132 [car produced by the company Fiat], FSO Warszawa [car manufactured in Warsaw under a Soviet license], fire engine Star-25, SHL Gazela motorcycle, Mikrus MR-300 [very simple car manufactured in Poland], Moskvitch 400 [Soviet car produced by the Moscow Compact Car Factory], Skoda Octavia, Syrenka 105 [Polish car manufactured in Warsaw],

– the Park of Monuments,

– poster gallery.


The main objective of the museum is to collect, preserve and present a wide range of materials concerning the period of Poland’s past from 1940s to 1980s.


Due to a large space it is possible to locate a film crew on the farm, which thanks to place’s charm will change into a film set. 

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