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The Museum of Bread


Wnętrze muzeum chleba


The museum of bread was founded in 2000 in Radzionków and since then it has worked to educate young people. The founder, Piotr Mankiewicz, has been collecting museum’s exhibits connected with bread for many years. A total area of the building is 1,200 m2.


In several rooms resembling tavern, shop, living room and dining room you can find collections of:

– machinery,

– equipment,

– the dishes,

– tools,

– photographs, postcards,

– interior furnishings,

– documents from the 16th, 17th, 19th and 20th century.


One of the most interesting collections is so called ‘bread money’, which formerly was the only currency allowing for the bread purchase.

In the museum it is possible to prepare and bake bread on your own.

In the building you can mostly find incandescent light.


A big square with a parking lot surrounds the museum. A baker’s machinery is exposed in front of the parking lot. The museum is a perfect place for filmmakers, who want to show not only the process of bread making but also a typical 19th century household.

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