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The Mieroszewscy family Palace


Pałac w parku


It is a late baroque and classical palace in Będzin- Gzichów erected in 1702. The palace is a one floor, two-bay building with a mansard roof and a number of enfilade rooms.  It is a classic 18th century gentry residence and an imitation of French palaces of that time.

Inside the building there are:

– representative lounge on the floor which distinguishes itself with a rich polychromy,

– contest lounge,

– lounges on a west side of the palace

– archeological and ethnographic collections

The MieroszewscyFamilyPalace delights not only with a rich interior decoration but also surroundings. On the east side of the palace there is a wide driveway leading to the main entrance and on the west side- a park with stone sculptures of Bacchus and Flora from 1718 and unusual types of trees and bushes.


A courtyard in front of the palace is surrounded by manorial outbuildings extended at the turn of the 18th and 19th century and farm buildings. All these form an architectural configuration portraying the 18th century park and palace principles.

Around the park the restoration works has been taking place.

The palace, thanks to its outstanding architecture, can serve as a background for many historic productions.

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