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The Łężczok nature reserve


Rezerwat przyrody Łężczok


The Łężczok nature reserve is located in the valley of Odra River. It was created in 1957 and covers an area of 408 hectares. The big attraction of the reserve are ponds occurring on its territory and covering an area of 218 hectares.


Waterside as well as floating vegetation growing by the ponds is unique at the national level. There are also old nagroblowe alleys (they came into being at least two hundred years ago) located on the reserve premises as well as situated between the ponds hunting manor house. The manor house was entered into the register of monuments.

In the reserve one can find, among others: deer, foxes and hares. In respect of the number of the birds species the Łężok reserve assumes a second place in Poland.


Two tourist trails cut across the premises of the reserve. The garden houses equipped with the wooden tables and benches as well as individual benches can be also found on the reserve premises. 

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