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The Krasiński Family’s manor house

Złoty Potok


An old manor house of the Krasiński family located in municipality of Janów in Złoty Potok. It is a ground-floor building erected in 1829 in the classical style. The residence of the ZygmuntKrasińskiRegionalMuseum.

In the museum there are collections of Krasiński and Raczyński families. They include:

– publications of some works of Zygmunt Krasińki,

– portraits of the poet and members of his family,

– appliances,

– ERARD piano (Fryderyk Chopin himself assisted in choosing it)

– furniture,

– sculptures and paintings.


The manor house is situated in a very picturesque scenery. In front of the building there is a pond and around there is a park reserve. Inside the building we can mostly find artificial, incandescent lighting. In the vicinity there is the Raczyński’s FamilyPalace.

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