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The Katowice international airport in Pyrzowice


Samolot w hangarze


The Katowice International Airport is located in the place of former reserve airport built by the Third Reich during the World War II. A final stage of development of the airport ended in 2007.

The Katowice International Airport encourages with its modernity and spaciousness.


At the airport there are:

– main hall which includes airlines stands, souvenir shops, lounge and escalator,

– passenger terminals A and B with a total area of 21,300 m2,

– runway strip which is 2,800 m long

– apron and the taxiways which form with the runway a huge airport tract

– service hangar– the most advanced in Poland, with stands for two medium size airplanes.


Having obtained permission or entered contract and under specified conditions it is possible for film crew to enter the airport site as well as use imitation weapons during the film shots. If a script requires using deactivated weapons it is obligatory to submit them to custom officers for inspection.


The Katowice International Airport has served many times as a background for film productions. The producers of ‘The Mole’ and ‘A Trip to the Moon’ took advantage of the airport’s potential.

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