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The Dietrichsten Palace, Wodzisław Śląski

Wodzisław Śl.

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The historic palace in Wodzisław Ślaski was built between 1743-1747 upon the ruins of an old castle from 1257. It was built upon Count Dietrichstein’s request and designed by Franciszek Anton Grimm. The building is one of the oldest examples of the baroque architecture in Poland. Is was built on the rectangle plan – it is 52,8 meters long and 17,3 meters high.

The one-storey building has got symmetric composition of the main façade and triaxal risalite. Two and three sided roof has been covered with roofing tiles. The interiors are well lit thanks to the large windows. There is a park located at the back of the palace.

Currently the palace houses the registry office and museum. 

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