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The Czarny Las Hotel Palace


 Hotel Pałac Czarny Las


In 1999 the works on renovation of a main building of the Palace took place. All interiors were designed by art historians what helped to revive the 19th century atmosphere and splendor of the place. Only the walls retained their original architectonic line dated back to Niegolewski time. A total area of the palace is 3.66 ha.

The Czarny Las Hotel and Restaurant Complex includes:

– hotel complex which can accommodate 56 guests and will introduce you to 19th century mansion thanks to its outstanding atmosphere. It will be a perfect set for a historic film production,

– the Palace Residences which can accommodate 60 guests, located close to ponds full of fish and water depths. They are an ideal place for outdoor shots,

conference and banquet hall and conference hall will house even the biggest film crew

– wine bar is one of the most remarkable and mysterious places of the Palace. It distinguishes itself by a wide range of products and cozy atmosphere. It will surely appeal to many film producers. 


It is also possible to rent: a restaurant, library, billard-room, conservatory and fireplace hall.

The Czarny Las Hotel is a building complex situated in a very picturesque environment surrounded by woods, fields and ponds. It is a perfect place for both working and relaxing.

It reminds the Palace in Nieborów, which served as the academy building in the film ‘Mr Blott’s Academy’.

In 2005 the historic program “Poszukiwana” [Wanted] was made in Czarny Las.       

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