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The Church of St. John the Baptist in Pilica


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Pilica is located in a picturesque river valley of a river which sources are 2 kilometres west of the city, surrounded with Jurassic hills.

It lies 350 meters high above sea level. It belongs to Silesian voivodeship, to Zawiercie district in respect of administration. A parish church was built in 1325. A date of the origin of the present St. John the Baptist and John the Apostle church is not known, but approximately dated to 14th century. It has been rebuilt many times over the years.

A Gothic, groin vaulted, buttressed and lit with an ogival window sanctuary preserved from the original building. On northern side a sacristy, decorated with an attic and coats of arms of former owners of Pilica, adheres to the sanctuary. A renaissance grave chapel of Padniewski family with a late renaissance gantry and red marble grave of Anna and Mikołaj Padniewscy (work of the Italian artist Kasper Fodige) added in 1601, adheres to the sanctuary on the southern side.


A neighbouring baroque chapel of St. Joseph from 1700 is a work of architecture and art; there are an interesting barrel vault and late baroque polychromy. There is the True Cross chapel from 1701 close to the entrance to the aisle.

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