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The castle museum in Pszczyna


Muzeum Zamkowe w Pszczynie otoczone parkiem i wodą


The museum in Pszczyna is located at the place of a former fortified castle built in the 14th century.

Between 1870 and 1876 the residence in Pszczyna was converted according to designs of the French architect Aleksander Hipolit Destailleur. Elevations of the two floor high castle on a quadrangle plan were changed according to the style of the 17th century French architecture. At the town side of the castle were built a vestibule with a three flight staircase, monumental dining room with a table to seat 32 people, two large 19th century mirrors with a surface of 14 m2 each and the Mirror Hall.


There are permanent exhibitions in the Museum:

– 19th-20th century interiors,

– The Emperor’s Apartments,

– The Miniatures Room,

– armoury.

Exhibitions of the art of wooden churches in the Pszczyna district take place periodically in the museum.


The castle is situated in a beautiful scenery, surrounded by a park and small water reservoir. There is a parking lot, which can serve as a base camp.

About 80% of the original furnishings from the turn of the 19th and 20th century were preserved in the museum.

During the last decade some conservation works were performed. Based on the preserved iconography and archival inventories some former functions and interior arrangements were restored, uncovering original colourings and gildings.

Thanks to its extraordinary look the Castle Museum in Pszczyna is a perfect place for historic film productions.

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