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The apartment in the tenement house


Wnętrze mieszkania w kamienicy


The 120 square meters apartment is located on the last, third floor of the tenement house built in 1913 in Bytom.

All the rooms in the apartment, except for the study, are fully furnished:

– the dining room with the historical furniture, piano and balcony facing the west and the north facing windows,

– the bedroom with the furnishings from the interwar period and the tiled stove, west facing widows,

-the living room with the library and the loggia facing the north,

-the study with the south facing window,

-the longitudinal bathroom with the window and the original, cast-iron bathtub from the 20th century with the decorative feet ,

-the kitchen,

-very long hallway with the art nouveau door carpentry  .


The windows are overlooking the street, the garden and the inside yard. Above the apartment the high, empty attic is located.

In the tenement house there is the staircase built on the triangular plan, next to the building one can find the garden with the fountain. 

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