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St Dorothy’s Mount in Grodziec


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The hill is situated in Grodziec, one of the districts of Będzin, and measures 381 metres above sea level. The locals commonly call it “Dorotka”. At the top, there is a small historical church from 1635, which occasionally holds service to this day and belongs to the parish of St Dorothy. The main part of the mountain is occupied by a forest, crossed by forest paths used by enthusiasts of mountain biking – one can encounter elements such as jump ramps or small bridges. Each side of St Dorothy’s Mount offers a panorama of the neighbouring towns and villages, and on the west ruins of the Grodziec Cement Factory (launched in 1857r and closed in 1979) tower over the horizon.

At the end of Fryderyka Chopina Street, there is a small car park, which can be accessed by a narrow and steep bidirectional road. Only shorter and narrower vehicles can ascend to the summit (near the church) after obtaining consent (the gravel road is closed to vehicles).

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