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Sosnowiec, Dietl Palace



A Neo-Baroque palace of the German textile industrialist- Heinrich Dietl, situated in Sosnowiec at Żeromskiego street, was built in 1890. A surrounding park with the orangery and elements of small garden architecture were finished 10 years later. The palace was included into a complex along with the park, buildings of a former factory, workers’ housing estate and the Evangelical church. The palace functioned as the residence of Dietl family until 1945. In January 1945 it was transformed into the Russian general headquarters of the NKWD (People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs). At that time many parts of the palace and the interior were destroyed. It housed the Music School to 1997. Since 1997 the building has belonged to the individual owner and been gradually renovated.

The palace consists of two elements: the higher, northern part and the wider, southern part. Elevations are made of brick with some plaster details and artificial stone. Part of the original furniture and interiors of the palace preserved to this day. We can find there a two-floor ball room decorated with stucco and mirrors, Neo-Baroque dining room, Neo-Romanesque pipe room decorated with wood panelling with floral and animal patterns and integrated shelves and seat, art nouveau room connected with a dining room decorated with a ceiling stucco and a richly decorated bathroom, which was used as a film set in a ‘Between the Cup and the Lip’ film.

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