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Silesian Park in Chorzów


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It is the largest city park in the Silesian Region and one of the largest in Europe. It was established in December  1950 from the initiative of General Jerzy Ziętek on the former posturban area.


The area of the park covers 620 hectares with the 250 hectares being the forest area and 100 hectares park area.  Numerous types of trees have very unusual shapes of the leaves, interesting fruit and flowers as well as the rare forest canopies.  As many as 70 types of birds as well as many mammals like boars, does, foxes and hares can be spotted on the park premises.


The park is located in Chorzów  bordering Katowice and Siemianowice Śląskie.

on its premises one can find:

ELKA Park Railway,

Silesian Zoological Garden,

Rosarium – the largest rose-garden in Poland,

– Silesian Planetarium,

– Silesian Amusement Park,

– Silesian Stadium,

– Chorzów Park Helicopter Airport.


A hotel complex is located in the close proximity of the park. There is a good connection with the A4 Motorway , central highway and Katowice and Chorzów city centres.

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