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Schon Palace


Pałac Schoena


Schon Palace, known also as the Municipal Palace was built around 1885. Ernest Schoen used to be its owner.

Beautiful, four storey , neo-Baroque palace was built on the square plan with the towers (with the tented roof) and mansard roof. The building’s elevation was decorated with the rich molding – leaf and oak fruit shaped decorations are dominant, the lower part of the elevation is marked by the stone facing. Face outlines and cartouches are visible on the elevation surface.

Inside the buildings there are:

– the representative rooms,

– the hallway,

the vestibule,

the cloakrooms,

– the inner courtyard,

the dining room to seat 50 people,

the billiard room and the buffet room,

– the banquet room,

– the bedrooms,

– and the toilets.

All the building’s windows are facing the courtyard, with three of them being stained glass windows of the unknown author.


The Palace used to serve the elite of Sosnowiec as the place where numerous concerts and other cultural events were hosted, today it is the local museum.

The building is surrounded by the park.

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