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Roman – catholic parish



The church dedicated to St Nicolas was founded at the beginning of 16th century in Bujaków, in Mikołów deanery.


The interiors consists of:

– chancel with the new altar – the copy of the wooden altar from 1888, with the pelican statue on top of it,

– the statue of Mother of God of Bujaków,

– historic baptismal font from the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries,

– paintings depicting three victims from the Bible,

– two chapels decorated with the renaissance technique: sgraffito,

– central nave, with the gilding and the ceiling covered with boards,

– historic organs located in the gallery,

– stained-glass windows depicting the saints,

– tower with four bells.


Founded in 1976 botanic garden (total area of 1 ha) with the various kinds of trees and bushes is located in the church premises. Historic well from 1604, penitential cross from 168, pond, apiary, chapels and the wooden house inhabited by the priests are located around the church.

The cemetery and car park are located in close proximity.

The parish premises can be the ideal place for film location as well as the inspiration for creating melancholic, peaceful movie.  

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