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Rocky gord ‘Osiedle Wały’

Złoty Potok

Las, ścieżka


A medieval fortified gord founded between the 8th and 9th century. It belongs to the biggest gords in Poland. The rock and upland gord is located on a top of the hill over the Wiercica valley in a beautiful, forest scenery.


From all sides it is surrounded by:

– diverse flora,

– fauna,

– springs.

The gord consisted of triple ramparts made of stones, wood and soil. Its central part constitutes a burgh, which formerly was a residence of the monarch. It was separated from the rest by a moat and a rampart. An area of the settlements, central and south, is 16, 400 m2.


On the premises of the gord there are:

– well,

– place of worship of the four- faced god Światowid, next to side rock,

– place of burning of eternal fire,

– residence of the monarch, heated by fire from the underside.

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