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Railway Station Sosnowiec


Wnętrze dworca PKP


A building of Sosnowiec Główny railway station was built in August 24th, 1859. The railway station plays a role of a railway junction- two railway lines run through it, including an international E65 line. They are Warszawa Centralna- Katowice and Tunel- Sosnowiec Główny lines. A main hall of the station is open round the clock. There are three ticket offices of PKP Polish Railway Intercity, security staff rooms and benches with twelve seats. The railway station is equipped with the passenger information system. You can get to the platforms either through the building, stairs running to the underpass or a lift.


The building is located at 3 Maja 16 Street. It is a two floor facility in Neo-classical style. The building is listed in the Register of Monuments of the Silesian Voivodeship. It is a main office of the Railway Track Development and Construction Unit in Sosnowiec. Passengers’ handling takes place in the hall and underground the building. In the underground part of the station there is a ticket office of Koleje Śląskie and a waiting room.


There are two platforms within the railway station. Platform no.1 is adjacent to the building and is about 230 meters long. Platform no.2 is an island platform with a roof and is about 400 meters long. There are a sound system and electronic display boards on the platforms. You can get to the platforms through underpasses under the railway tracks (entrances to the tunnels are located on the sides of 3 Maja and Kilińskiego Streets).

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