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Railway Station Będzin


Wejście na dworzec PKP


Będzin Miasto railway station was designed in 1927 by a famous architect Edgar Norwerth and it was a very modernistic and modern construction for its time. A building of the railway station built by Pronaszko i Sobieszek company was put into service in spring 1931, which was two years later than the plans assumed. It has been the most representative building in the city for a long time.


Currently the building is right after the complete renovation (2012) of the interior and elevation. Within the railway station there are:

–          Four glazed commercial premises,

–          Heated waiting room with ticket offices connected with an underpass to the other side of the railway station,

–          External part of the railway station consisting of two opposite platforms situated along two railway tracks.


Municipal police in Będzin has its main office in the building (with a separate entrance). The railway station is situated on the railroad Warszawa Wschodnia- Katowice.

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