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Promnice Hunting Lodge

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Zameczek Myśliwski Promnice


Noma Residence Hotel Promnice Hunting Lodge is a cozy, boutique hotel that perfectly matches a natural scenery of the forest of Pszczyna at the Paprocany lake. 

In 1868 the lodge was reconstructed and integrated into the forest scenery. It is a reproduction of the mansion built in 1861 by the court architect Oliver Pavelt in the English neo-Gothic style.


The hotel offers:

– 13 comfortable rooms which evoke an atmosphere of the 19th century hunting lodge,

– restaurant on a patio with a view of the Paprocany lake,

– café on a courtyard next to the historic Saint Hubertus monument,

– forest and park complex, with an outdoor fireplace, which can accommodate to 900 guests.

Intensity of natural lighting inside the building is high.

Rooms are not air-conditioned.


Verdant forest surrounding the castle, lake and sounds of nature make this place a perfect set for many film shots.

The building was used in films such as ‘Hi Way’ and ‘Sensacje XX wieku’ [Sensations of the 20th century] by Bogusław Wołoszański (relocating the action of the film to Bavaria). 

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