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Polish- Japanese Academy of Information Technology


Polsko-Japońskie Centrum Technik Komputerowych - budynek


Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology is currently an educational institution excelling at developing the newest technologies used in medicine, information technology, media and industry. The Academy is located in a historic building erected in 1900.                   

The well-preserved, red-brick building, which has been renovated several times, originally served as a boarding house for boys. It is a three-floor building designed in the neo-Gothic style with a towering roof framework. Some windows have been covered with stained glass-work.

Interiors of the Academy are well-lit and walls have been painted with bright colors. In the building there are: computer labs, laboratories (equipped with modern devices), lecture rooms, auditorium, office rooms and spacious corridors. The complex is surrounded by a small park, which greater part is situated behind the building.

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