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Pławniowice Palace and Park Complex


Zespół Pałacowo - Parkowy Pławniowice


Pławniowice is a village located in the district of Gliwice. Pławniowice palace and park complex, built between 1882 and 1885, is located here. A three winged palace represents the Dutch Neo-Mannerism style. Numerous towers, spires and dormer windows decorate a palace’s roof. Around the palace there is a 2.4 ha park, where you can find not only a historic stand of trees but also a pond and a stylish fence.

In the atrium stands a fountain with a Virgin Mary with the Infant Jesus statue surrounded with a small fencing. Opposite there is a Giovanni Ballestrem bust carved by Joseph Limburg.

In the vicinity we can find a lake with nearby hiking trails and two camping sites.

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