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Patronage housing estate

Czerwionka Leszczyny

Zabytkowe osiedle patronackie kopalni „Dębińsko” w Czerwionce Leszczyna


Over one hundred years old, historical patronage housing estate belongs to „Dębieńsko” Coal Mine in Czerwionka Leszczyny and has got the most characteristic multifamily houses built for coalminers in Silesia region.

The red brick buildings with garret roofing and colourful tall window-sills stand out because of the diversity and decorative architectonic forms.


Worth mentioning is  the fact than despite the coherent and consistent character of the housing estate, each house is different. The tiling, plain tile, timber framing constitute the uniqueness  of every building.


The estate is located by five streets. The road by the buildings is asphalt, the pavements are cobble stone.

The area is surrounded by green space. The playground, railway tracks and parking spaces are located in close proximity.

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