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Panewniki’s heap

Ruda Śląska

Hałda w Rudzie Śląskiej


The heap is located between Katowice, Ruda Śląska and Mikołów. It is  one of the largest places where the coal mines’ waste is being disposed in the Upper Silesia.

Its area equals to 100 hectares with its highest point at 12 meters. The heap consists of around 20 million of waste and was created at the beginning of the 60s. Currently the reclamation works are being carried out in order to recollect about 2 million tons of coal, 1 million tons of coal sludge and 16 million tons of rocks. The rare bushes are scattered around the heap. The view of the coal mine can be seen from its top. 


Fot. Marcin Stefański

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