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Palace in Modzurów


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The neo-Gothic Palace in Modzurów, also referred to as Konig’s Palace was built in 1864 and is located in the Modzurów village which belongs to the administrative district of Racibórz province.

The brick (and rendered), two-storey palace was built on the rectangular plan. It has got eight, three-storey side towers which catch visitor’ eyes with theirs crenellation and renovated pinnacles. The palace’s main entrance is topped with the gothic arch windows above which the family coat of arms is hung.

The building is currently the seat of the Plants Cultivation Station. Inside the palace there are mainly office facilities. The well-lighted rooms owe their charm to the large, towering windows finished with the ornaments. The remarkable ornate stained glass ceiling is located in the main hall.

The palace is surrounded by the park complex enriched by the exotic trees. The ruins of the classical mausoleum are located on the complex premises.  

Many farms are located in the close proximity of the building. 

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