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One the chapels of Piekarska Calvary

Piekary Śląskie


The 19th century chapel which is a part of the complex located in a park on the Cerekwica Hill. Over the arcaded entrance there are two plates with the Ten Commandments.

In 1869 the first chapel was built in the area of the Calvary. In 1896 aceremonious consecration with the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord took place here.

In the park there are:

– 11 chapels connected with a life of Jesus,

– 14 chapels of the Stations of the Cross,

– 15 rosary chapels,

– cenacle (1892),

– East gate (1889),

– Nerlich priests’ tomb.


In the vicinity there is the Sanctuary of Mother of Justice and Social Love in Piekary Śląskie.

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