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Niebo Pub


Bar z krzesłami


Niebo Pub is a cult place on the map of Katowice’s best  pubs. The total area of the place is 74 square meters. It is located on the ground floor of the tenement house situated in the Katowice’s downtown.


The combination of the dark wood and brick makes up for the unique atmosphere of the British pub. The solid, wooden bar is located in the central spot of the place. Moreover there are ten tables, chairs, lodge seating and sofa on the pub’s premises. Two windows are facing south, providing the entire place with the natural light. The pub is well lit by the artificial light thanks to the wall lights. Two toilets are located at the back, while behind the bar there is the entrance to the back room.


The floor is cobbled while the platform on which four tables are placed is made of the wooden boards. There are ten metalwork stools with the fabric seats placed by the bar.

The bar is fully equipped, among others, with the table soccer and the collection of the board games. Two TVs are hanged on the wall.

Palace of Youth, railroad station,  Kościuszko’s Park as well as the Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Physical Education and University of Economics are located in close proximity. 

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