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New castle



The New Castle in Żywiec was built  around 15th century, by order of archduke Albrecht,. Designed by Karol Pietschka, in classical style the castle was rebuilt several times.


The castle has entered the Register of Historic Monuments and consists of:

– covered with the glass roof wing that used to house bedrooms and guest rooms,

– “Mirrored ballroom” located on the first floor (10,5 x 18 m),

– avant-corps  with the House of Habsburg coat of arms and the adjacent balconies.


The castle used to house the vast collection of Polish as well as European artists’ paintings.

In front of the building there are: beautiful square, narrow alleys and the main entrance driveway.

This spruce and charming place is surrounded by nature, many trees and bushes. It can become a great film location. 

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