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Municipal sports and leisure centre in Tychy-indoor pool


Kryta pływalnia ze zjeżdżalnią


A modern indoor pool located on the place of  the Municipal Sports and Leisure Centre in Tychy.

A total development area is 2,070 m2  and a usable floor area is 4,175.9 m2. A cubage of the building is 19,613 m3.


In the pool section there are:

– competition pool, dimensions: 25.0×12.5×1.3-3.8 m (length × width × depth), capacity: 530.0 m3, water surface area: 312.5 m2, 3-meter diving tower, two 1-meter diving boards, underwater lighting,

– warm-up pool, dimensions: 25.0×10.0×1.1-1.3 m (length × width × depth), capacity: 310.0 m3, water surface area: 250.0 m2, water sprinkler, 2 underwater massages, 2 wave pools, underwater lighting,

– water slides pool, dimensions: 6.0×9.0×0.8-1.1 m (length × width × depth), capacity: 55.0 m3, water surface area: 57.0 m2, water sprinkler, swimming pool geyser, underwater lighting,

– whirlpool bath, capacity: 3.7 m3, water surface area: 8.0 m2, maximum number of users: 8,

– water slide, length: 80 m, height: 12.5 m,

– sauna for 6 users, power: 12 kW.

Additional: seats, deckchairs, auditorium, balcony


Spa and wellness section includes:

– sauna for 14 users, power: 15 kW,

– Turkish bath for 6 users, power: 12 kW,

– Scotch douche panel,

– massage room,

– gym.


On the ground floor there are:

– kids pool, dimensions: 10.5×6.0×0.6-1.0 m (length × width × depth), capacity: 63.0 m3, water surface area: 50.4 m2, water sprinkler, underwater lighting,

– guest rooms– 8 double rooms with a full sanitary unit, telephone.

Thanks to a great number of windows, the pool is well-lit with natural light by day. There is a parking lot on the premises.

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