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Mizrachi House of Prayer


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A Mizrachi synagogue in Będzin was closed down during the World War II and up till 2004 was used as an inconspicuous coal basement. It was the Centre of Jewish Culture of the Zagłębie Region that took control over the facility and restored it to its former glory- coal has been removed, wall separating the prayer room has been taken down, paintings have been protected and a 30 cm thick layer of soil, where the remains of the fireplace tiles had been found, has been removed. On the eastern wall there is a walled recess, where a wooden Torah ark was kept. 


Inside the main prayer room remained the paintings and frescos by Altek Winer, the Będzin artist. The pictures show a tombstone of Absalom, Jaffe street, tombstone of Rachel, floral motifs and medallions with: menorah, hanukkiah, spice box and a Havdalah candle.  A ceiling is divided into three barrel vaults, each of which contain four symbolic pictures symbolizing Twelve Tribes of Israel. In the middle there is the Star of David.


The house of prayer is a 30 m2 single room with an entrance on the backyard’s side of a tenement house at Potockiego 3 Street. It is located on the basement level, one half under the ground. The closest place for a production parking area are parking spaces along Potockiego Street.

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