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Kozubnik- the abandone holiday holiday house


Opuszczony Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy


Erected in the 1970s, buildings of the Training and Holiday House Complex HPR Porąbka are past their prime. Since 1996, when the company managing the complex declared bankruptcy, the estate has been constantly plundered and demolished.


Once a high-class resort, a pride of the People’s Republic of Polandtoday a neglected shanty.

It included:

– 12 hotels with 500 beds,

– indoor pools,

– sauna,

– conference rooms,

– canteen for 250 guests,

– 3 restaurants,

– 5 bars,

– disco,

– amphitheater,

– hair salon,

– solarium,

– bowling alley,

– billiard table,

– tennis court.

On the area of 7.5 ha there were also health centre, water intake, sewage treatment plant and own power supply system.


Situated in a picturesque vicinity, in the Mała Puszcza stream valley, surrounded from three sides by Kaczory mountain range, Żar and Kozubnik. Access to the house through a narrow, mountain track.

[Photos come from the records of the film ‘Liquid’ directed by Ewa Krasucka and Robert Bondara]

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