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Kościuszko Street in Katowice


Ulica z torami tramwajowymi i budynkami


The longest street in Katowice is at the same time the main transport junction in the city.  It runs between the districts: Śródmieście, Brynów, Piotrowice – Ochojec all the way to Mikołów.


Many historic tenements are located along the street. Some of them has been renovated, the rest, unfortunately, is way past its glory days. The first buildings erected at the beginning of the 20th century.


Apart from apartments the tenements house:

– service establishments,

– retail outlets,

– restaurants,

– public institutions,

– private institutions.


There is a motor as well as tram traffic on the Kuściuszko street. In the city centre the parking places are available along the street. 

The railway station, KościuszkoPark and market square are located in close proximity.


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