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Kościuszko Park



Kościuszko Park sprang up in 1888 and is the largest park complex in Katowice. Its total area amounts to 72 ha and stretches between Kościuszko, Mikołowska and Górnośląska streets. About 90 various kinds of trees can be found in the park. Thanks to the rich flora and places such as rose alley it resembles English parks and gardens.


In the park premises can be found:

– the church dedicated to the Archangel Michael,

– parachute tower,

– monument to martyrdom of Silesian scouts,

– soviet soldiers’ Cemetery,

– gallery of outdoor sculptures,

– Beata Hill (334,5 m above sea level).


Alleys are lit by the stylish lamp posts.


Located in the city centre park is the most popular recreational spot in Katowice.

Thanks to numerous historic monuments the Kościuszko Park is the perfect film location for the producers looking for the places  marked by the time.


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