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Kaufhaus housing estate

Ruda Śląska


In 1880 in Ruda Śląska the historic working class housing estate Kaufhaus was founded. Its main purpose was to ensure a place to live for workers of the “Pokój” steel mill built in 1840.


Characteristic red brick buildings, situated on the curve of the Niedurny street were built in two ways:

– with a staircase entrance, on each floor there were 6 apartments, sanitary facility and supply base located in the backyard,

– with two staircases, on each floor there were two apartments with a kitchen.

On the premises of the housing estate there are:

department store– the most precious relic in the place,



The housing estate is surrounded by a greenbelt from all sides.

The tenement houses of Kaufhaus were used in the film ‘The Beads of One Rosary’.

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