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“Kapelusz” Exhibition Hall


Budynek w centrum parku otoczony zielenią


A closed Exhibition Hall, commonly called the Flowers Hall. It is located on the premises of the Silesia Park in Chorzów.

The place is characterized by a non-standard shape. It was built in 1968 as a result of collaboration of an architect Jerzy Gottfried and a constructor Włodzimierz Feiferek. It is one of the most interesting spots in the Silesia Park.


A total area of the building is 2,200 m2. The building’s floor is a 70×42 meter ellipse in shape that is maximum 15 meters high.  It has an extensive supporting beam and border arches. This construction method stretches the cable net of the roof. The structure is protected from mining damage.

When the Hall was opened, it hosted fairs, exhibitions, meetings and many other events.

In the vicinity there are cafés and culture places. Hotels and parking lots are situated on the premises of the Silesia Park. There is a convenient communication with the A4 highway, Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa [intercity road] and the city centers of Katowice and Chorzów.

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