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Jurassic rocks


Skałki jurajskie


Located in Częstochowa district, close to the city of Olsztyn.

The rocks are made of massive limestone as carbonate structures. It is possible to observe sponges and microbialites on the surface. Cracks that appear here are marked vertically and diagonally.

The mountain and jurassic rocks include among others Góra Zamek [Castle Mountain], Góra Cegielnia [Brickyard Mountain] and Góra Kmielniki [KmielnikiMountain].


This picturesque, Jurassic landscape is a real treat for climbers and strolls’ amateurs. You can find here:

– ruins of the fortified castle from the 14th century with walls’ fragments,

– quarry,

– numerous caves.


The place is situated on the Trail of the Eagles’ Nests on thepremises of the ‘Eagles’ Nests’ Natural Landscape Park.  It is a perfect place for shooting on location. It has been used in the films such as ‘The Manuscript Found in Saragossa’, ‘Hrabina Cosel’ [Countess Cosel], ‘Demons of War’ and ‘The Mill and the Cross’.

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