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House of Prayer in Cukerman’s Gate


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The Będzin House of Prayer is located on the first floor of the right outbuilding to the townhouse at 24 Hugona Kołłątaja Street. It is a small room divided with the use of partition walls, whose original walls are covered with multi-coloured religious paintings to a large extent. In the main room, there is a large masonry heater, a sofa and a passage to the bathroom. One of the rooms features a balcony, which faces the path before the entrance and enables observation of its vibrant life.

The left and the right outbuildings to the townhouse stretch from Kołłątaja Avenue up to the 3rd May Square, creating an atmospheric and quirky alley. This alley is called Cukerman’s Gate, which lends its name both to the House of Prayer and to the foundation managing it.

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