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Historic coal mine GUIDO


Zabytkowa kopalnia węgla kamiennego Guido


A historic coal mine ‘Guido’ was founded in 2007 but its roots date back to 1855, when count Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck, magnate and industrialist, founded in Zabrze a new coal mine.

Tourist routes in Guido are located at the levels of 170 m and 320 m below the ground. Concerts, exhibitions and theatre performances take place here.


On the surface area there are:

– hoisting tower of the “Kolejowy” shaft from 1931,

– rope wheel (diameter of 5 m) from Makoszowy mine shaft,

– train used for underground transport of miners, compressors, pumps, mining carts with liquid nitrogen, and many other items related to coal mining industry.


On the route along the level 170 m there are:

– over a hundred years old horse stables which evoke the atmosphere of the 19th century mine

– stone chambers where the underground workings drainage system is introduced

– exhibition of mining tools, rescue equipment and a beautiful geological exhibition that presents the mining tradition and culture

– the Memorial Chamber which features a model of barracks, uniforms, documents, photographs.


On the route along the level 320 m there are:

– systems of corridors based on two workings with a total length of about 2,5 km,

– miner’s hanging train– the only one in Europe- available for tourists,

– pick-and-shovel wall with a wooden support,

– road header called Alpine,

– longwall cutter-loader,

– 300 ton raw coal container,

– conveyor belts,

– shortwall excavation,

– stone water and dust barriers.

Inside the mine we can mostly find artificial lighting.


Thanks to interesting geological structure, strata of rocks with marks of tectonics, calcite formations and crystals the Historic Coal Mine ‘Guido’ is a unique and magical place. The place which will attract many film producers owing to its artistic power.


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