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Climbing wall


Ścianka wspinaczkowa Centrum Poziom 450


A climbing wall located in Sosnowiec, has been established on the premises of a former coal mine Sosnowiec. It is also a part of the sports complex- CENTRUM POZIOM 450.

The wall:

– has got a total climbing area of 1,300 m2,

– is 14 meters high in its highest point,

– has got 50 stations,

– and 120 climbing routes.

In the building there is also a boulder wall (a total area of 300 m2), which includes: a moona system wall, a campus board with three rows of rails, a pin rail and a set of climbing holds. Mattresses which amortize the falls are arranged on the floor. On the premises of the CENTRUM POZIOM 450 we can also find:

– conference rooms,

– kids zone,

– fitness room,

– and a café.


In the vicinity there is a centre of Sosnowiec, and a city of Katowice.

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